Saturday, June 18, 2011

WIld Geranium

Well, tonight, I will write about a plant I found in the woods known as wild geranium.

A wild geranium flower
This plant caught my eye because I was riding my bike yesterday and noticed a blue flower (Please note that I am now using my own pictures). Sadly, I rode past today and the flower had basically withered away. The wild geranium will flower between April and June. Flowers are 1"-2" across, and have 5 petals that range from white to lavender.

Leaves of wild geranium
Wild geranium usually grows anywhere from 12"-24" tall. It is a low-growing plant that can easily be missed underneath the forest
brush. Wild geranium has a branching stem that gives off many    palmate leaves. These leaves are 4"-5" across, and have deep lobes.

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